Elberadtouristik Seifert
Holzweißigstr. 27
04860 Torgau


Telefon:  +49 177 8356648
Fax:         +49 3421 774574
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Elberadtouristik Seifert - Courier service, cycling tourism & car traffic

A sophisticated logistics system nowadays save nerves, time and money on holiday and leisure.

Especially in the summer months a lot of people choose our services, who have opted for a bike ride along the Elbe. We ensure the smooth transport of luggage to the corresponding milestones. Upon arrival at the hotel the suitcases are ready and will be picked up again the next morning.

For people who do not have a suitable bike, the bike rental helps. The wheels are technically up to date, for example they have suspension forks, a deep entry, comfortable handlebars, soft seats and so they are considered as an ideal companion for long bike rides.

After passing an untroubled journey and you want to get back to your hotel again, we take over the transfer of your party, your luggage and your bikes.
Even with transport and courier questions we are happy to help.